I was nominated for a Nobel Prize!

Excuse me?!?!

OK, not by Norwegians. But by Bon Appetit! Along with two other guys no one’s ever heard of…

Literature: JJ Goode
This man is the largely unrecognized super co-writer of some of the most popular chef cookbooks to have come out in the past few years, including April Bloomfield’s A Girl and Her Pig, Masaharu Morimoto’s The New Art of Japanese Cooking, and Andy Ricker’s forthcoming Pok Pok cookbook. We hear he’s a pretty nice guy, too.

Literature: Nathan Myhrvold
While Ferran Adrià pioneered molecular gastronomy, Nathan Myhrvold codified it—epically—in his five-piece cookbook set, Modernist Cuisine. With enormous photos, enormous amounts of rave reviews (David Chang has called it the “The cookbook to end all cookbooks”), and an even more enormous price tag (currently $377 on Amazon), it was an undertaking of whose ambitions Proust, Joyce, and Faulkner would surely approve.

Literature: Anthony Bourdain
America’s favorite bad boy chef turned TV host is now making a comfortable living judging home cooks on ABC’s The Taste and eating around the world for CNN’s Parts Unknown, but we remember the days when he was penning gritty tell-alls about the cocaine-fueled 1980s restaurant world and the gross habits NYC diners should watch out for—remember that thing about restaurants straining cigarette ash out of table butter in order to use it for brunchtime béarnaise sauce?