A Girl and Her Pig wins The Piglet tournament!


A Girl and Her Pig wins The Piglet!!!

Check out what the judges said!

“For me, A Girl and Her Pig is the winner and a winner! Accessible, funny, charming, not at all precious, visually enticing, … and home-cook friendly. I cannot wait for Ms. Bloomfield to write about a girl and lots of other animals.” —Stanley Tucci

“I like the way Bloomfield’s plainspoken regular-girl voice comes through strong, such as her description of being a blotto English teenager, her “eyes squinty like two piss-holes in the snow.” Her dishes are mostly like that as well — simple (what she calls “rustic”) but tasty, vivid, and idiosyncratic, pub food rethought with care and originality. My dinner of Carrot, Avocado and Orange Salad and Sausage-stuffed Onions was delicious.” —Kurt Anderson

“Bloomfield’s book is, by contrast, a more enveloping affair. It is intimate and roaming …There are sweet asides about her time at London’s River Cafe and a nice little chapter called “My Fussy Recipes” in which we are smartly instructed on the art and purpose of blanching and peeling tomatoes … I am a hero to my dinner guests … The Girl and Her Pig makes me want to try pretty much everything between its covers – and that’s why it handily dominated this showdown between worthy competitors. —Adam Sachs

Every recipe I made had a surprise. Each one taught me a technique. Most added an ingredient where it was least expected. And each one delighted all those gathered at the table.” —Cathy Barrow

“A Girl and Her Pig is not just one of the best [cookbooks], but it rises to another level…As you get to know her food, you get to know Bloomfield. The pages are laced with personal tales of cooking and career and with each turn of the page her passion, which is quietly infectious, builds only to remain with you long after you’ve closed the cover.” —Tom Hirschfeld

“April’s [recipes] were much more evocative, incredibly inspiring and quite beautiful, more I want to eat that right now! … April made us feel the grand possibility in these small spaces. When it comes down to it, it’s April’s book that makes us swoon just a bit more.” —the lovely ladies from Weird and Ravenous