My story in Bon Appetit is on the cover!

Adam Rapoport is a kind man

New York Times Book Review!

Pok Pok is a New York Times Best Seller!

Some Pok Pok appearances!

Eater names Pok Pok the Best Cookbook of 2013!

The Pok Pok cookbook beats 50 Shades of Grey

I was nominated for a Nobel Prize!

Andy and I host dinner!

I talk recipe testing with Ian Knauer on The Splendid Table!

Roberto and I on the Splendid Table!

A Girl and Her Pig wins The Piglet tournament!

Tacos, Tortas, and Tamales in the NYTBR!

I'm on The Splendid Table!

This New York Times story features me!

Truly Mexican goes into its THIRD printing!

Grub Street hollas at me!

The New York Times picks Truly Mexican as one of 2011's best! Truly Mexican is one of year's best cookbooks!

I'm all up in these books!

Truly Mexican goes into its second printing!

Roberto's book (and me) featured on

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I'm featured in Food Network Magazine!

I'm profiled on ICE's blog!

My girl April profiled in The New Yorker!

Go to Fonda restaurant, in Brooklyn!

I'm on The Splendid Table!

Serious Barbecue a New York Times Best Seller

Serious Barbecue on Rachael Ray!

Serious Barbecue on Oprah!

Serious Barbecue on bookshelves May 5th!

Won two IACP Awards!

Nominated for a James Beard Award