Truly Mexican

Wiley 2011

Truly Mexican goes into it second printing!

Roberto Santibanez: Truly Mexican from William Hereford on Vimeo.

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About Roberto Santibanez:

Praise for Truly Mexican

TRULY MEXICAN by Roberto Santibañez with J. J. Goode and Shelley Wiseman (John Wiley & Sons, $35) focuses on sauces, with chapters on salsas, guacamoles, adobos and moles. So rather than create composed dishes, you can use his unusual red peanut sauce or deep, rich adobo D. F., made with chiles and Mexican chocolate, to dress rotisserie chicken. Try a few more recipes from Mr. Santibañez — Rosa Mexicano’s culinary director before he opened Fonda in Brooklyn — and anchos, pasillas and guajillos could become regulars in your cupboard.”—The New York Times

“In his second cookbook, Truly Mexican, chef Roberto Santibanez stresses method, giving you basic steps that you’ll use again and again when cooking Mexican food. We’re so down with that … He has the street cred to teach you the fundamentals of real Mexican cooking. In the spirit of a true textbook, he discusses ingredients, (color-coded chile charts included), how to treat them, and essential equipment in the front of the book. Then, throughout the recipe chapters, he slips in tips and tricks: the keys to a great salsa, how to blend stubborn tomatillos, the best way to reduce splatter when cooking your mole, et cetera. Your Cinco de Mayo feast will be a breeze.”—Bon Appetit

Picked as one of Food & Wine’s best cookbooks of the year!

“If you think everything’s already been written about Mexican cooking, think again. Chef Roberto Santibañez takes a whole new route, focusing on the cuisine’s flavorful condiments and sauces, best exemplified by salsas, guacamoles, adobos, moles, and pipiânes. Zeroing in on these foundation recipes opens up a whole new world, revealing a multitude of expressions and an appreciation for the complexities of Mexican food.”—Epicurious

“The book underscores the breadth of Mexican cuisine while diving into its most accessible aspect…The recipes work; the flavors are eye-opening; Santibanez’s modern twists are appealing; and he writes with verve, precision, and authority.”—Cooking Light

“With the goal ‘to convert as many readers as I could from people who would love to cook Mexican food to people who cook Mexican food they love,’ the author lays a solid foundation with a chapter on ingredients, technique, and equipment…The author’s expertise is conveyed in a straightforward and inspiring tone that will instill confidence in cooks eager to prepare Mexican meals at home, regardless of previous experience or skill level.”—Publisher’s Weekly

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Photos by the amazing Romulo Yanes!

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