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A rave in The New York Times! “Talde’s book (written with JJ Goode) is almost too much fun to read and cook from…”

The New Yorker!

Many restaurateurs build narrative tension into their cookbooks by describing the struggles of getting their kitchen together. But Talde’s first cookbook, “Asian-American: Proudly Inauthentic Recipes from the Philippines to Brooklyn,” is as much a manifesto of immigrant belonging as it is an introduction to his two Brooklyn restaurants, the pan-Asian Talde and a neighborhood bar, Pork Slope. While many of his professional peers may hope to “transport” their diners to some obscure corner of Asia, Talde writes, his food, inspired by taquerias, gyro shops, diners, burger spots, and Chinese takeout, “is meant to remind you that you’re home, in that strange and awesome country where we live.”

Me for Vice on how Dale taught me to be a lazy cook.

New York mag likes it! Dale Talde defends MSG, pens a panegyric on the New York bodega, celebrates his Filipino mother’s home cooking and the McNugget, and also endorses laziness in the kitchen.