A Girl and Her Greens

Ecco 2015

My second time working with April, one of my favorite people.

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From the review in The New York Times!

“Her homage to that dish is a basic but stunningly good recipe, with the hot potatoes thickly glazed in butter and brightened with lemon, garlic, fresh mint and cracked black pepper. And her recipes for other dubious British classics, like boiled brussels sprouts, mushrooms on toast and mashed peas, redeem them from the netherworld of overcooking.”

From Publisher’s Weekly’s Starred review!
“The follow-up to chef Bloomfield’s excellent A Girl and Her Pig gives vegetables the same inventive and creative treatment that made her previous book such a success.”

From the review in Bloomberg by the amazing Tejal Rao
“My favorite thing about the recipes I tried, from the crushed spring peas with mint to the fingerling potatoes in butter, was the small details, carefully explained in Bloomfield’s instructions, that pushed the simplest dish upward from good to great.”

From Vogue!
“A Girl and Her Greens is a book about vegetables that an omnivore can love.”

From Joe Yonan in the Washington Post!
“I believe her, because I can’t imagine anyone being able to write about vegetables the way she does without truly loving them … In fact, my only frustration with Bloomfield’s book so far has been that the options are so tempting, it’s hard to know where to begin.”