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“The greatest food writer of our time.” —Robert Goode (dad)

“Better than bacon.” —Rupa Bhattacharya (polyglot, occasional eater of stinky tofu)

“JJ is one of these hummingbird-metabolism types. He weighs something like eleven pounds but he can eat more than me and Jason put together.” —Steven A. Shaw (fat guy and author of Turning the Tables)

“Djeydjey…ael é kumidor!” —Jayant Kairam (Harvard man, ascetic)

“Bye bye, Yay Yay.” —Frida Delcàn (daughter of amazing animator Miguel)

“Oops, I misheard the person who told me about this. Apparently a one-armed man had [a computer] stolen from him!” — famous writer Emily Gould, after first mistaking me for a one-armed computer thief!

“A young food writer named JJ Goode. Melissa [Clark] and Andrew Friedman are the old pros, but we need to find new writers, too. I had read Serious Barbecue [by Adam Perry Lang, which Goode coauthored]. JJ also is working on [Fatty Crab chef] Zak Pelaccio’s book. JJ came in, and I think Zak didn’t trust the first writer he was working with, and JJ really got him.” — publishing God Dan Halpern after being asked who’s co-authoring April Bloomfield’s first cookbook!

“JJ came across as a jovial little man.” — Leeann Lavin